3D Body Scanners for Fitness & Aesthetics



Data driven Performance

We know ARX is the most effective form of resistance training in the world, but retaining gym memberships is all about ensuring they can quantify and see the progress. That’s where Fit3D comes in. We’re going to be able to show them how much muscle they’re adding and how much fat they are losing in the process.
— Jason DeBruler, ARX Corporate
  • Fit3D & ARX together tell a great story about using technology to achieve better results.

  • Fit3D is a great sales enablement tool that helps drive memberships & PT.

  • Fit3D is a self-service unit which gives the value of assessments without the labor costs.

  • Extend the “Smart” approach to your equipment to assessments to visually show the results of your program.

We use the data to show the achievements of our members in our online marketing and improved new client recruitment by 30% this quarter.
— Randy, Revolutionize Fitness, NJ

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