Easy Setup, Fast Results


Autonomous Hardware

Our 3D Body Scanner was built to be a precision machine. In addition to being self-serving, our scans have 200% less movement than other scanners without handles. The scan time itself takes just 35 seconds and offers an integrated scale for posture analysis - ideal for chiropractors. This machine is designed to be easy to use & accurate. But more importantly, it gives you a baseline to help people start your program.


Simple User Reporting

Members LOVE seeing their 3D Body scan. They receive this privately via email and then can share with their coach to review results. Owners quote that the scan reports help hold their clients accountable to workout programs, and Members report that they love being able to see how their bodies are changing visually. Seeing one’s body & measurements over time, with detailed fat mass & lean mass percentages, gives a accurate picture of how their hardwork is paying off. Simply put - scans help members stay engaged.


Robust Admin Dashboard

Our owner dashboard let’s you modify coach permissions & also have a aerial view of how your gym is performing. Think of it of an assessment of your program to which you can continue to build through online marketing & refinements to how you sell ( and to whom ).