Why Your Gym Needs to be on Instagram

339,000,000 people have used the hashtag #fitness on Instagram. To put this in context, 54 million people in the USA belong to gyms.  

There are three things we believe for social media & fitness:

  1. People like sharing their fitness journeys on social media.

  2. Social camaraderie helps people continue on their fitness journey of which social is an easy home for your support network. Results in less churn.

  3. Social media is mobile.  As a data point, 500 million Instagram Stories are done every day. We all keeping in touch with the people & brands we love.

Something we believe at Fit3D is to go where your audience is for customer acquisition – this is often referred to as an “attention graph.”  We find a huge correlation of people into fitness, body transformation & weight loss who use Instagram every day. If your business is not on Instagram you need to start!  We do and it helps us find new customers - why not try it for yourself?

One client we have that is KILLING it on Instagram is Jessica McCowan who is a Certified Personal Trainer and Bootcamp Coach. In addition to being a trainer utilizing Fit3D to grow her business, she is a social media maven -using Instagram to attract new members to her program.  Here are two of her posts we grabbed from her Instagram Stories updates.

“Fit3D has been great for reaching new members! It is so inspiring and motivating to see results of others and how they are lowering body fat percentages and losing inches. By sharing these results on social media, it has shown proof that my programs work and bring results, which brings in new clients and members each month.”

What is interesting about her approach is that she is using her current clients as case studies to prove her program. Which is very powerful!  The beauty of Fit3D is that you have a digital receipt of every member who goes through your program. What could be a better testimonial?

Jessica accounts that since she started posting Instagram Stories of her client success stories with Fit3D and using the right hashtags, she’s been bringing in 20% new clients since beginning this outbound strategy. Instagram Stories are a popular format for keeping up with your favorite brands. They were made to disappear after 24 hours and they take up the ENTIRE phone screen in a vertical mode. See below for an example in context. Follow Jessica HERE if you want to see directly how she runs her social channels.


 In addition to helping out with new member acquisition, Jessica is saving a ton of time as well on assessments.

“By having a Fit3D scanner I have saved tons of time by allowing clients to come in at their own convenience to scan, as opposed to having them come in early to do measurements and weigh-ins in person.”

The lesson here is that Fit3D can have a huge impact on your operations, but it also helps magnify what you are already doing. Business owners like Jessica are awesome at what they do, but our data lets her tell her story to a broader audience, and tell her story where people are listening. Often leading to organic conversations about “where can I get scanned” or “wow, I want one of those too.”   Through educational content and smart hashtags, she is able to amplify her voice & show off her expertise in what she does.

At Fit3D, we are always looking out to find best practices for how gym owners can transform how they do business.  And we think Jessica is one of those people who are bringing their gym game to the next level.

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Patrick Donnelly