F45 Bridal Success

Fit3D helps members visualize changes in their body shape over time. We recently were pinged by one of our F45 Clients with a great member story of Jenna who used Fit3D to measure her progress over the duration of an 8-week challenge. In addition to Fit3D helping members know their body fat & lean mass at key circumferences of their body, it also provides all your body measurements that can be used for clothing orders. Which is ideal for any bride who needs to pass on key measurements to their tailor before their big day! Congrats to Jenna! You look fabulous.

We work with about 35+ F45 locations. HIIT programs love using Fit3D because our system is self service. That means that if you have to scan 80 members ahead of your 8-week challenge - this can be done in a few hours versus a few days. Additionally, since we can track body composition over time, we’ve found that owners can use our “body shape” metric instead of weight loss to better normalize your cohort with respect to muscle gains combined with fat loss over the period of your challenge. Watch the testimonial below to hear more about what owners are saying about Fit3D with the F45 program.

Patrick Donnelly