Word of Mouth Advertising in the Mobile Era


For any business owner, there is the concept of the cost to acquire a new customer - CAC or CPA. The fitness industry is no different.  However, we’ve spent the last few months talking to our clients in the Aesthetics, Chiropractic, Wellness, & Fitness verticals, and we’ve seen two very interesting trends with our top operators. These two ideas could help you bring in new members for FREE. Helping you bring in new members using tools that we all have at our fingertips.

  1. UGC - User Generated Content, especially on Instagram

  2. Free Scans for “check-ins” on social media.

User Generated Content:

UGC is nothing new. What is new for this discussion is how owners & trainers can make a small change to process to have content be a passive export of your program. Once members or prospects have done a scan, ask them to share it on social media!  3D scans are very interesting to look at, and depending on if they reviewed their scans with you, you might be able to call out small details that are very interesting to them. Social media is ALL about sharing ones adventures & accomplishments. We’ve found that asking members to share a screen shot from their phone of their scan or report is a very easy action that reflects well on them. It asks their community to support them on their journey or praise their hard work.  Ideally, ask them to “tag” you in their post.

Service in exchange for Check-ins:

In addition to posting, ask your members, or free class prospects, to “check in” to your location. This seems very small, but think of it as free advertising. Let’s consider that you currently charge non-members 20 dollars to take a scan. Instead, what if you GAVE non-members a FREE scan but required they checked in to your location or tagged you.  On social media, we trust our peers. We take their advice & experiences with very high regard. So when a friend shows off their scans or shares a picture of them at your gym, when they check-in, they are telling 100+ of their closest friends about your business. Is that worth the cost of a scan - I’d argue yes.

Want Proof? Check it out for yourself.  Search for #fit3d or #fit3d scans on Instagram.  We hope that these two ideas help showcase the high quality of services you provide, and highlight how Fit3D helps your members achieve their full potential.

More tips to come!

Fit 3D

Patrick Donnelly