7 Marketing Tips for the January Rush

Health club owners, are you ready for January? To be more specific, are you ready to capitalize on the largest enrollment month of the year? Fitness facilities of all sizes report that new memberships are higher in January than any other month.

Follow these 7 steps in December to ensure maximum enrollment in January:

  1. First, identify a New Year’s Resolution special. 45 percent of Americans surveyed said their top New Year's resolution for 2018 is to “get in shape or lose weight.” This is the time of year when new members are most likely to commit to a longer contract so we recommend a special price for 6 or 12 month memberships.

  2. Offer a referral bonus to current members via email. If you have one already, increase the value in January and February.

  3. Create posters to promote your offer. Vistaprint has many good templates to simplify the effort. Hang the posters in your facility, windows, doors, and a sandwich board outside your facility.

  4. If you have never done any online advertising, now is the time to give it a try. According to Google, searches for gyms spike in January, and as a result, membership purchases and foot traffic will soar. Google advertising is always a safe bet but for our money, we recommend Facebook to get the most targeted ads to consumers in your relevant zip codes. Facebook will do a good job placing your ads on groups and individual pages where people are talking about New Year’s Resolutions, fitness, and weight loss. Check out this a step-by-step guide for advertising on Facebook.

  5. Buy ad space in your community newspapers and promote your New Year’s Resolution special offer. This is the most effective and cost effective spend on print advertising for small gyms. Save money and time by using your poster for the ad.

  6. Here’s a wacky idea: market to people who already have a gym membership. ##% of Americans have two or more gym memberships. This is particularly effective if your facility offers services that large gyms don’t; for example, if you have boot camps, alternative workout programs, or nutrition classes, you should emphasize the value of a diversified wellness program.

  7. And lastly, don’t forget to relax, enjoy the holidays, and recharge for an exciting January!

Patrick Donnelly