Use your Body Scans to Buy Better Fitting Clothes

Fit3D is pleased to announce the availability of its Marketplace for the purchase of bespoke clothing online. Fit3D members can submit their 3D body scans to partners and purchase custom clothing based on their exact measurements.

Fit3D launched its marketplace today with three bespoke clothing partners:

  • Unspun makes customized denim on-demand, in-situ, and without waste, and are infinitely recyclable.

  • Sene designs a line of casual, business, and formal wear that empowers men and women of all shapes and sizes to feel their best.

  • Stantt offers custom men’s dress, casual, and formal shirts that is powered by data and technology.

Our Marketplace shopping experience is available exclusively to Fit3D users, but you can get scanned if you don’t have an account yet. 3D body scans from DXA and other vendors are not compatible. Fit3D has ProScanners in health clubs in 45 countries and 48 U.S. states; most facilities offer scanning to non-members. Click here to find a ProScanner location near you. We will continue to add more scan locations & partners to the Marketplace in the upcoming months.

To try the new marketplace from Fit3D:

1.       Login to your Fit3D account.

2.       Click the “Shopping” link.

3.       Upload your 3D body scan.

4.       Browse the catalogs of companies like Unspun, Sene, and Standt.

5.       Get great fitting custom-clothing at a better price than traditional tailors.

For more information about Fit3D and the Marketplace, read the Marketplace FAQs  

Patrick Donnelly