Proving Red Light Therapy with Fit3D: Natural You

The body sculpting space has been met with a lot of cynicism. While some people are skeptical about using red light therapies (Laser lipo or infrared light) for weight loss, we caught up with one practice that is using Fit3D’s body scanning to “prove their program.” You can use similar marketing tactics to validate the results of your program as well.


We spoke to Courtney Dodge from Natural You Wellness in Greenville, SC. She commented on the fact that so many people have weight loss goals, but don’t always know where to start. Courtney is the lead health coach at this location & introduces people to their innovative program through showing them the before & after Fit3D scan results on Instagram. Since starting to post 3d scans on social media, she’s seen a 50% increase in visits for assessments.

“Once they come in for a free scan, it generates a lot of questions that helps us tell them about our program. It definitely helps us close more clients.” - Courtney Dodge.

Their program uses the Lipo Light System in combination with whole body vibration training and an Infrared Sauna complete with a resistance bands inside, accompanied by vibration training, and at home workout recommendations.  They use Fit3D to measure the progress of their program every 2 weeks. The great thing about Fit3d is that it shows her customers where their body is changing in a visual way. She commented that many clients weigh themselves at home & are disappointed, but then they see the visual differences in the 3D scans and start to understand the progress. The scale does not show burning fat and building muscle in context which the scans do.

This keeps them motivated to keep on working out and continuing their program. Measurement is crucial to a program like Natural You. They stated that prior to Fit3D they tried using the Naked Body Scanner, but the results were way off.

“One person was 90% off body fat. I knew that it wasn’t possible for any human to have that much body fat percentage. While it was a good looking system, it wasn’t a professional machine we could count on for our commercial use. The naked scanner did not allow multiple people to login and view results which made it hard to review results with clients.”

They also tried measuring tapes, but they were not able to measure customers consistently every time for where the measuring tape hit on different parts of the body - no matter how hard they tried. Courtney also gave some great recommendations on how the 3D images were ideal for social media.

She commented how:

1. Many clients felt good knowing the scans looked like them but they were unlikely to be recognized compared to a photograph online.

2. As a business, she thought that showing scans was more professional than showing a client that may have an unflattering outfit on. That it makes it more about the results than the outfit choices photography angles.

3. Lastly, she commented how showing the before & after circumferences & scans (including outline overlays ) were a powerful tool in communicating to prospects how their program proves results. It seems more “scientific” then analog before & after pictures that could be doctored or use creative license.

While Courtney uses our machine, for her, Natural You is about creating a calm space for people to come in and work on themselves. She wants to help people kickstart their goals & create a sustainable plan for them to achieve their goals. It’s about taking innovative technology in a non-invasive way to help them lose fat & build muscle for sustainable improvement in their lifestyles.

You can follow Courtney & learn more about Natural You on their website & Instagram page.

Patrick Donnelly