Creative Fitness Programming from the Temple Challenge

As part of our Leaders in Fitness Series, we wanted to highlight Stacy Houser of the Temple Fitness Challenge. We hope to tell you their stories, so that you can learn from other leaders some tactics to grow your business as well.

“The Bible says your Body is a Temple.” That’s how we started off our interview with ProScanner customer Stacy Houser who runs the Temple Challenge.  It’s a 24 week program operating in 17 sites focused in the West Virginia to Ohio region. She typically scans over 500 people with the Fit3D machine during that time, which she said would have been impossible if the scanner was not autonomous.  Before Fit3D, she had lines out the door of measuring people by hand along 5 dimensions. It’s been a huge time saver.

In a few years, she’s grown her business from 1 to 17 sites for her challenges!

In a few years, she’s grown her business from 1 to 17 sites for her challenges!

Coming from West Virginia, she wanted to create a program that was fun, but also legitimately “helped people.”  She recounted that by the numbers, the area wasn’t too healthy, and that she wanted to focus on a triple bottom line of helping the local residents to improve levels of Cardiovascular disease, anxiety, and spirituality.  She started marketing herself in churches, which was a great place to find communities that spoke to the values she was promoting. In her first year of operating in 2014, she had about 200 people participate in her first year of the challenge program. And now her challenge program spans 17 areas.

Her programming is insanely fun! She remixes fitness content with real world events to attract people to her sessions & keep them engaged. She even uses Facebook Live to stream workout programs to her remote challenge members.  Stacy has done workouts related to Game of Thrones, the popular card came of UNO, and has even used fun props like Nerf Guns to spice things up. And she uses her background in Exercise Science & Kinesiology to make sure they are effective.

The biggest lessons we’ve taken away from Stacy are the following 3 things.

  1. Stand for Something: The Nerf Guns are a bonus, but her program strongly speaks to values & goals of her core audience. Her triple bottom line spoke to both results of wellness, but also the identity of who her members are & who they want to become. So much of fitness is aspirational. You can use that too.

  2. Use Digital to Engage your Community:  Her instagram account is amazing. She is constantly speaking to her community & reinforcing her values. They celebrate wins together & support each other. We personally found it very innovative that she uses video streaming to deliver live workout classes to her community as well.  The data shows that the more social & engaged your workout partners are, they more likely they will be to stick with your program.

  3. Use tools to scale: Stacy runs the temple challenge all by herself. A few thousand people have been through her program.  In order to do this, she is super organized. She uses her website to educate & attract new members. She uses Fit3D to assess members for free when they sign up for the Temple Challenge. And she uses tools like Calendy to schedule scan slots for her members & eCommerce to accept payments. Technology can able anyone to scale their message & practice to let your business reach new heights.

You can follow Stacy here on Instagram.

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Patrick Donnelly