Member of the Month: Tony from Chicago

We wanted to start highlighting the success of some of our members from the Fit3D community.

Tony has been on his weight loss Journey for quite a while. He works out of XSportFitness in Chicago where he has been using Fit3D to track his progress & stay accountable to his results. He’s lost slightly over 300 pounds!

Personally, I find these stories amazing. While we help people track their body transformations for all types of goals, it’s so inspirational to see people putting themselves out there to share their journey & encourage other people to do the same. His instagram feed is full of reminders about how we can all be better versions of ourselves & even clips of him salsa dancing! He’s often up at 5am to work out & he’s showing his nutritional programs as well. Sharing what he knows & laser focused on his goals. Give him a follow & show him some Instagram love.

Posts like these show us two other things.

  1. There is so much power in showing people visually how they are changing. 3D body scans show members their progress to motivate them to dig in & give that extra bit to follow your training programs to their max.

  2. Workouts are now very social. We know members love to train with people, but they also love to share their progress with their community. This can be a community of their friends, or anyone else going on that same journey.

If you are interested in seeing how Fit3D can help your club get to the next level & help your customers visualize success, click here for a demo.

Patrick Donnelly