3D Body Scanners for Fitness & Aesthetics

The New Standard for Monitoring PROGRESS


Preferred by Top Gyms:

We are the most popular 3D body scanner in the world.
We’ve deployed in 53 countries & conduct 2000+ body scans a day.



My closing rate used to be 60%, now it’s 100% with this machine. I literally just had 17 people sign up after seeing their scans & nobody asked for a discount. This really separates you from everyone else in the pack.
— Owner, Bill Bennett Boot Camps

Attract and Engage New Members

“Come in for a FREE 3D Body Scan.”
Many client’s report 30% increases in membership growth within 2 months as a result of incorporating our technology into their program.


Save Time.

Fit3D is autonomous & private.
Customers’ scan themselves so you’ll save time. You can spend your extra time giving them personalized consults or upsell them on PT.


Prove your Program – and Refine it.

Each of your members can now become a case study to help bring in new clients. Club owners can visually show results of their program while maximizing revenues.

We also provide an admin level dashboard to help track your operational data - great for franchises.

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We have been using Fit3D for our challenges which has been a huge
success for our clients and business model.
— Lamar, F45 Sarasota, FL

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