3D Body Scanners for Fitness & Aesthetics

The New Standard for RUNNING challenges



We have been using Fit3D for our challenges which has been a huge
success for our clients and business model. Our members love it,
and we now have the capability to charge $75 for our challenges
and including their scans in this model. The scans are taken at the
beginning, middle, and end of our challenges. The challenge used to
be free to our members, but with Fit3D we were able to integrate all
of the features members receive into our sales process
— Lamar, F45 Sarasota, FL
Fit3D is really an awesome product, that holds everyone accountable.
There’s nothing more exciting for our members that are working out
hard, and for them to be able to see the results of their efforts with
Fit3D. It really helps us sell more and brings so much excitement to
our members. We love using Fit3D
— Bill, F45 Staunton, VA
We have been using Fit3D a tremendous amount since we’ve
purchased. We are also planning on incorporating Fit3D into our
new location. We are charging $25 per scan, and have already
scanned a good amount of clients
— Jason, F45 West McKinney, TX



Attract and Engage New Members

“Come in for a FREE 3D Body Scan.”
Many client’s report 30% increases in membership growth within 2 months as a result of incorporating our technology into their program.


Faster Body Assessments

Fit3D is private & autonomous.
F45 club owners report that Fit3D has cut down their assessment times from days to hours.

And members love that scan results are sent to their phone within 3-minutes.


Select Winners in Minutes

Fit3D offers an enterprise dashboard that tracks the before & after scans of every member. Admins & owners can select a challenge winner by weight or body composition in minutes, even across multiple locations.

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