3D Body Scanners for Fitness & Aesthetics

Easy Setup, Fast Results


Autonomous Hardware

Self-service scans in 35 seconds.
Handles for safety & accuracy.
Integrated weight & balance scales.
15-minute setup.

Provide your members a baseline for their journey.


Simple User Reporting

Members LOVE seeing themselves in 3D.
Reports delivered to your phone within 3 minutes.
Shows body composition values at each circumference measurement.

Seeing how your body changes over time is a powerful motivator for members.


Fast Mobile Sign Ups
with QR Codes

We give each facility a QR Code for promotional materials for their members can sign up on their mobile phone in seconds. This is included in our full onboarding kit.


Robust Admin Dashboard

Refine your Operations.
See which members & coaches are getting the most scans.

Use this data to change how you train your staff & transform how you approach digital marketing.

FIT3D Comparison vs. Other Scanners



Other Professional
3D Body Scanners

Consumer 3D Scanners

Has Handles for Accuracy

Self Service Mode

Gym Level Admin Dashboard

3D Body Scan Model Interface

1 Minute Scan Time

Unlimited People

Circumference Measurements


FIT3D vs. Other Assessment Methodologies





Technology Cameras Impediance Displacement

Requires 2nd person to operate

Requires special dieting for consistent methodology

Takes measurements in under 2 minutes

Circumference measurements


Body Imaging


Read about how Fit3D outperformed BIA in an internal test.

We use the data to show the achievements of our members in our online marketing and improved new client recruitment by 30% this quarter.
— Randy, Revolutionize Fitness, NJ